Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's on!

Pajama Party!~ A Sew-Along

Okay, so I have some noodling to do here. I am thinking multipurpose utility pj's as I am notorious for painting in my PJs. So I think my J's need a built in smock. Or utility belt.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now, where was I?

I secretly like being busy, even though spells of procrastination come over me. I really do like that feeling of success you get when you are just about to wrap something up... even though you have 10 things to do after you finish this one.


Working on Heather D's personal blog site for trade: Snark Bites. Coding to the Blogger template has been a little bit of a learning curve - new vocab, but same concepts. I feel like I am still stabbing around in the dark, with little nightlights every 10 paces to lead my way. Frustrating, but good in that I am learning new stuff.

My mama and papasan are coming into town next week and I am beside my self with happiness! The last they saw the bean, she was a little lump of a baby, not yet crawling. Now she is walking, falling, dancin' and saying crap to you. It's great! Her favorite toys are cell phones and toothbrushes right now. When she sees an ad in a magazine for a cell phone she gets excited and says "whazzzaaat???".

Okay, enough mama-goo and back to work...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A stay inside sort of weekend

Whew. This weekend, not so much.

But I did get some good work done on Dean's site, in a blog format.

I have this grand idea to work blogging sites like a CMS tool, allowing for the blog user to have a professional looking web page, with the functionality and ease of a blog updating tool. So Dean is the first test, to see how it will work on on Blogger. His site is about 45% done, I still need to fit the content portion of the site in, build in some side widgets for graphic interest, and work on the 2nd level pages (which looks like I will need to make an entirely new blog for).

Next up is Word Press, which offers a bit more customization, not so much templating. I think I will use Steve's site for Word Press and see what I can do with the widgets there.

Yah, so that is what I did on the weekend. It really felt a lot like what I do during the week.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer is quickly on its way out...

My squash are starting to get that funny white powder on the leaves, meaning that yes, Summer is on the way out.

I just saw an add in the paper for U-Pick berry farms, so all hope is not lost to do some fine canning again this season.

I want to try pickles, and would love to try canning some tomatoes. What is it about canning tomatoes that make them taste better? Olivia loves green beans, so maybe some of those?

Why does fall make me want to make soap and can stuff? Guess I am nesting down for a rainy winter.


Can a bunch of crap to give away as gifts. Make some cute cards (hellooo collage!) to go with them.