Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Logo Options, always a debate

Big edit on this one - client wanted to see R2, then cancelled the job. 
Good: got paid full $. 
Bad: not taking it to completion.

So. Here you are. You design 2 logo comps for someone, really make noises like you prefer one over the other and hope and pray they choose the right one. 

Why does it seem they always choose the wrong one? Bah.

1, 2, 3, 4...

The Big Idea
So I make up my own songs, played to the tune of popular songs, with lyrics just for my baby Olivia. 

Babies Dancin' on the Floor
(to the tune of that one Feist song)

1, 2, 3, 4 babies dancin' on the floor
Dancin' all night
Lookin' sharp and lookin' tight

Oh owaoh dancin' on the floor
Oh owaoh beggin' mom for more

Little Babies
(to the tune of that Ticky-Tacky song)

Little babies on the hillside
Little babies made out of ticky-tacky
Little babies on the hillside, and they all look just the same

There's a pink one and a green one and a blue one and a yellow one
And they're all made out of little babies and they all look just the same

There's a Doctor and a Lawyer and a Business Executive
And they're all made out of little babies and they all look just the same


With these lovely crafted song lyrics in mind, illustrate a cartoon or create a collage for Olivia's baby book!

My goal, is a goal among many.

Many times I wonder why I blog in the first place. I have had many blogs in my time, Pita's, Live Journal's, Dairy Land, all of them eventually go by the way-side. 

I get distracted. I get bored. I get uninteresting. I met my husband through a blog. Blogs have improved my writing style and skill. 

I really like blogs. I like to read other's blogs.

So. Here I am, with an entirely new blog. What will it be about? I am afraid my day to day life is really uninteresting. I work in a brick office with a scary elevator. I drive to work. I mow my yard. What is interesting about me? 

I take on way too many projects, this being one of them.... Ah-ha! I think I will make this a catalog of my projects. I will catalog all of the projects I have started and have left to sit on my desk. All of the projects that just need that final hem, that final coat of laquer, that final assembly technique. The projects that are just starting, the projects floating around in my mind. That way it will be a daily reminder to me as to why I am so interesting. 

hugs. kisses. hooray!