Monday, November 17, 2008


So, after devouring the Twilight book, I stumbled across a few realizations.

But first... I am confused by this book. It irritates me on so many levels, but intrigues me on so many others. Honestly, I am put off by the fact that the lady who wrote it is mormon. I am put off by how dependent Bella becomes on Edward, and this, I think, is a direct reference to the authors religion. But at the same time, I am incredibly drawn to the fact that Bella is so intwined with Edward, and that Edward is the same.

It irritates me that Bella is obviously written to be a Mary Jane character. I easily found my self slipping into her shoes. And it absolutely drives me crazy that Bella can't express her true desire to eat Edward's face with her kisses.... Ugh. Just eat his face already, who cares if he resists and then devours you? Do it already, it's driving me fucking nuts!!

In fact, I found many parallels in this book to my own marriage. I can see a bit of Dean in Edward as well as Bella, some of my own personality in Edward. Silly, I know. But this is the only reason why I can explain why I am so drawn to the book. It is a silly love story about High School kids... but I am so... aching... to read what Edward will do next for Bella.

This is what I think.

1. Women want to be rescued. Even if they are independent, strong, viable people. Even if they pay the bills and work as the head of household, they want to be whisked to safety at a moments notice. Want to be defended in a dark alley. Women want men to stand up for them.

2. Men should be fashionable, strong and beautiful. They should have silly smiles and strong hands. And they should sometimes tell you what they think is best for you, just so you can argue it down. And they should appreciate you for your smell, your soft skin, your lovely hair, everything that makes you innately female.

3. If a guy wants to get laid, start with little touches and nuzzles around the neck and chin - pretend like you are doing everything possible to restrain yourself but you simply cant resist another touch. Growl. Guaranteed you will get some if you keep that up.


Take the concepts here and do an encaustic collage. Painfully beautiful men, strong and filled with blood lust. Yes. Just up my alley!!

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