Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Projects. Yes. Again.

Yeah. I am as good with Christmas Projects as I am with avoiding chocolate. So sue me, I have good intentions, but not enough time.

The only projects I have so far for Christmas:

1. Olivia book for my Mom and Dad, and a DVD of the videos we have taken so far. I plan on using a printer online so I don't have to print out all of the Oli photos myself. Hopefully this will motivate me.

2. Finish up the ornaments I started last year for my Ma, a pair of cute little blue birds.

3. A little comic book for Dean. So far I have 3 pages sketched out. If I can get it done, it will be excellent, but probably not make a lick of sense to anyone other than myself. Oh well, I think Dean sees it as charming when I behave kookily.

3. I want to crochet a few little monsters for Steve and Tesa's gifts... Cuthulu to Steve and skeleton or satan for Tesa.

Lets see how this works out for me. Perhaps I can get some of these things done when we are driving to CA for Thanksgiving.

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