Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A stay inside sort of weekend

Whew. This weekend, not so much.

But I did get some good work done on Dean's site, in a blog format. dendrapanoply.blogspot.com.

I have this grand idea to work blogging sites like a CMS tool, allowing for the blog user to have a professional looking web page, with the functionality and ease of a blog updating tool. So Dean is the first test, to see how it will work on on Blogger. His site is about 45% done, I still need to fit the content portion of the site in, build in some side widgets for graphic interest, and work on the 2nd level pages (which looks like I will need to make an entirely new blog for).

Next up is Word Press, which offers a bit more customization, not so much templating. I think I will use Steve's site for Word Press and see what I can do with the widgets there.

Yah, so that is what I did on the weekend. It really felt a lot like what I do during the week.


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